Sean Brown


Sean Brown has a Mechanical Engineering Degree from San Diego State University.  If you're getting a stencil from us, chances are this guy made it with love.  He is a master at Computer Aided Design (CAD) work in our graphics department and spends many hours operating and maintaining our state of the art laser cutting machine.    Sean is meticulous in his work and if he isn't happy with a stencil, he won't ship it until it's perfect.  If you're not happy with our product, let Sean know and he'll do everything in his power to make things right.  If you have suggestions or other creative ideas he'd be happy to hear from you.  Sean likes hot sauce on his chicken, short walks to the refrigerator, and his pool a brisk 52 degrees.

Here's a photo of Sean helping unload our magnificent laser cutter in the summer of 2017.

Patrick Carey


Named "Financier of the Year" by a panel of experts* in 2014. Debits and credits are this dude's middle names. He's never met a licensing form or royalty report he can't destroy with a glass of red wine and a Red Bull. (Mixed together? Possibly.) And you obviously already knew this, but his favorite Olympic sport is curling.

Colin Mitchell 


A little bit of this, a little bit of that. Designs, sells, and makes things happen. If you contact Stencil Stop, this is probably the jerk you're going to have to deal with, if he pauses the ratchet music he's listening to long enough to transform into a courteous gentleman of a customer service rep. Believe it or not, his favorite bird is the painted bunting.

Patrick (left) and Colin (right) at the 2017 College Football National Championship, prior to Clemson winning the best football game ever played:

Colin and Pat at the 2017 National Championship

*It was us. We were the panel of experts.