State of Oregon Stencil

State of Oregon Stencil

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Stop struggling to recreate the exact logo by hand. It's impossible to create a professional-looking logo image without the right tools. Besides, your time is more valuable. Shorten painting time with Stencil Stop’s State of Oregon stencil. Knock out that DIY project with the perfect finish you’re looking for. Purchase today and save hours on your next project. 

The logo is crafted with precision instruments, ensuring crisp, exact images. It can be used to transpose Oregon's shape onto the surface of your choice quickly and easily. Works well on wood, steel, plastic, and most every other flat surface, making it perfect for an array of different projects and uses. Start repping your state in style.

Made from 1/16” thick, industry-leading strength corrugated paper. This stencil will get the job done project after project. In fact, we recommend it for upwards of 5-10 uses.

The size of the stencil refers to the largest dimension of the logo itself. Some logos, like the Clemson Tiger Paw and the Kentucky UK logo, are approximately square, so 12” versions of those are about 12” x 12”. Other logos, such as the Georgia G, are not proportional, so the size refers to the logo’s largest dimension. In Georgia’s case, the listed size is the width of the G logo.

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