FAQ Neapoiltan Header Stencil Stop

Does the size listed refer to the logo size or the size of the outer stencil edges?

The sizes referenced in the product listings refer to the actual sizes of the logos themselves. For logos below 6" in size, about 1" of plastic will border the outside of the logo. Logos 6" and above will have a 2" border on each side of the logo.

This means that if you wanted to buy a Clemson Tiger Paw stencil, the Tiger Paw itself would have a width of 6" while the entire stencil would have a width of 10" (2" of border + 6" of logo +2" of border = 10" of stencil). And a 4" Tiger Paw Stencil would be 6" wide (1" of border + 4" of logo + 1" of border = 6" of stencil).

What do the sizes mean in regards to pricing?

The format of the design sizes lists the width (the left to right) dimension of the stencil first. The second dimension listed (the one that follows the "x") is the length, or up and down, measurement of the stencil. So, for example, the Kentucky Wildcats UK Logo Stencil option of 12 x 9.80 inches has a logo that is 12 inches wide and 9.8 inches from top to bottom. It's outer edges are 16 x 13.80 inches.

I don’t see the size or design I want listed. Can I get something customized?

Absolutely. We create custom stencils for our customers every day. You can submit a custom design and we'll get back to you with a quote within 1 business day.

What is the status of my order?

On our Shipping & Returns page, you will find more information on how long your specific type of order typically takes to process, ship, and arrive on your doorstep.

Can I track my order?

On our Track your Order page, you can input your order number and email address to track the status of your order.